Scroll of Character Creation

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Scroll of Character Creation


Listed below is general or splat-specific rules for character creation on the MUSH.  This page is a more specified version of 'Policies' specific to creating characters.  Character Creation is assumed to follow the traditional regulations (outlined in each splat) except as follows:



The guide for creating spirits in the Roll of Glorious Divinity were not ment for PCs, here we have our house rules on Character Generation.


Free Excellencies

Every character receives five (5) free excellencies of their choice.  These excellencies must all be from different attributes or abilities.

  • An Infernal character may disregard the Essence minimum when purchasing their First excellency with these free excellencies.
  • An Alchemical character instead receives two (2) general and two (2) dedicated charmslots, as well as four (4) free augmentations of their choice.


Bonus Experience

All characters receive one-hundred (100) free experience points at character creation to be spent on fleshing out their character.  These points are spent *after* base chargen is complete, with all Bonus Points, Attributes, Abilities, Virtues and Charm selections made.  These experience points can be spent in the chargen process itself, as long as it is accounted for in an +info.


New Character Generation Rules

• Players may raise any of their character’s abilities to five without spending bonus points.

• Players receive four specialties to distribute amongst their character’s abilities.*

• Virtues may be purchased for 1 bonus point each. However, Willpower is calculated independently of Virtues.*

• Characters begin with Willpower rated at 5. Willpower may be increased at a cost of 1 bonus point.*

• Characters may start with (Willpower + Compassion) Intimacies without spending bonus points.*

• When selecting Charms, players no longer need to choose at least five Charms from Caste or Favored abilities. The character may start with any ten Charms she meets the prerequisites for.

• Charms cost 4 bonus points, 3 if within a Caste or Favored Ability.

• Players receive 18 bonus points at character creation.*

• The above changes also apply to Abyssal and Infernal character creation.

• Items marked with an asterisk also apply to Alchemical, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar, and Sidereal Exalted.


Bowser Revolution

(Reprinted from policy page).

XP Costs on Wine Dark Seas have been standardized, and the following changes are in effect:


  • All exalts, as well as spirits, godbloods and mortals pay 8xp for favored charms, or 10xp for unfavored charms.
    • Dragon-Blooded still pay a 2xp surcharge for Celestial Martial Arts charms, including the initiation charms, making them pay 10xp for favored CMAs, or 12xp for unfavored ones.
  • All exalts, as well as spirits, godbloods and mortals pay (Essence x 8) xp to raise essence.
  • Lunars pay 9 xp for Knacks, and start with 8 Charms, one of which must be a Knack, as well as two additional Knacks.
  • Alchemicals pay 2 XP for a Dedicated charmslot, and 4 XP for a General charmslot to keep the intended charm cost advantage and bring the actual cost for use of a dedicated/general charm to levels equivalent to other Exalted's favored/unfavored charms. Alchemicals may also use up to 4 of their starting charms on Martial Arts charms, but they must fill all their starting charm slots with other charms.
  • Dragon Kings always pay 8 xp for a favored step, 10 xp for an unfavored step.
  • If you already had cheaper charms or Essence, due to being a raksha or mountain folk or dragon king, etc., none of this affects you; this rule can only make things cheaper, not more expensive. 
  • The Charms Swallowing the Lotus Root (Solar), Blood-Soaked Lotus Root (Abyssal), Root of the Brass Lotus (Green Sun Princes), and Perfected Lotus Mastery (Sidereal) along with the Knack Terrestrial Bloodline Integration and the sub-module Lotus Filament Conduction all reduce the cost of Terrestrial Martial Arts Charms to 4 experience points if Martial Arts is favoured or 6 experience points if Martial Arts is not favoured.  These may be found in Alchemicals page 171.
  • Willpower costs a flat 10xp per dot, rather than current rating * 2.


How to make your character

The first step is to decide on your character concept, once you've done that you type in  

+request/add concepts/<your concept in a few words>

As long as a Staffmember is online you'll probably be approved within a few seconds, the next step is then to go to the Player Nexus by typing in PN, then you enter chargen by typing CG. From then on you'll get instructions in the rooms.


After you finished your chargen, you should put a request for player approval typing

+request/add player approval/<a polite request using few words>


You can check if you are approved by typing +finger <your nickname>

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